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Illinois State University is a nationally ranked university!

ISU is a public university founded in 1857. The compact campus is 870 acres with over 20,000 students, of which 55% are female. In-state tuition is currently $14,753/yr and is available for students of Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. The average Freshman Financial Aid package is $7,073, meaning this is the average discount on school for freshmen. The middle 50% of students have an ACT score of 22-25 and GPA of 3.36; you will be going to school with successful students. Grades at or above these levels will have a chance at a greater financial aid package. The class size is 10-29 students 64% of the time; this gives you the opportunity to know your professors. ISU is the second largest undergraduate program in Illinois, with 6 colleges and 35 academic departments that offer more than 160 major/minor options. Common majors on the hockey team include Business, Education(wanting to be teachers), athletic training, exercise science, pre-med, and actuarial science.  More working teachers were educated at ISU than any other university nationwide.

Illinois State University is centrally located:

  • Chicago, IL - 2 hours

  • Madison, WI - 3 hours

  • St. Louis, MO - 2.5 hours

  • Quad Cities, IA - 2 hours

  • Detroit, MI - 5.5 hours

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